2-section FIR heated blanket

THALASLIM 2-section FIR heated blanket

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The Thalaslim is the first 2 section Far Infra Red heated blanket especially designed to be used in thalasso centers, but it is very practical for beauty salons too.

It has 2 sections of different size:

  • A large section which covers from neck to knees, especially fitted for seaweed wraps. This allows penetration into the skin of the oligo-elements contained in algae.
  • A small section which covers the legs, designed to promote comfort and well-being. This section can be switched off independently if varicous veins are present.
  • Every section has 3 different outputs adjustable separately. Thalaslim+ is equipped with a 60' time

Thalaslim+ blanket is both :

1- An incredible investment :
Thalaslim+ is the only 2 section blanket in the beauty / SPA field and its price makes it the most affordable multi-section blanket on the market. A therapist does not have to be present during treatment, as one therapist can look after several clients at the same time.

2- An hygienic equipement :

The blanket is specially treated with Ultra-Fresh®, a powerful anti-microbic and antifungal agent which is integrated into the blanket itself ; Ultra-Fresh® repels fungoid growth and bacteria, thus preventing contamination and the risk of infection.

3- A reliable equipment :
The outer coating is M1 approved (non flammable) and the internal heat protectors, with automatic reset, prevent over-heating, which ensures complete safety. The Thalaslim+ control box is fitted with a timer, when treatment has ended, Thalaslim + is automatically switched off. Waterproof and watertight : Thalaslim+ blanket can be wiped clean with warm soapy water or can be pressure hosed (blanket must be switched off and disconnected from the mains before cleaning procedure).

4- An ergonomic device :
Equipped with an ergonomically designed control box, setting of outputs is done by colour selection : green for low output, yellow for medium output, red for full output (light off = section off). Sections are supplied by only one cable to make easy handling.

Extension kit :

There is an optional extension to increase the size of the Thalaslim+ :
The extension kit, designed for larger clients - from 105/110kg - includes :

  • 1 comfort cover, with a neck opening, that covers the client from shoulders to feet. This comfort cover limits heat loss and improves sweating.
  • 1 ergonomically shaped inflatable pillow with 2 positions, which relieves the neck vertebrae and also supports client's head.
  • 4 straps (2 male straps+2 female straps) so that the therapist can select his (her) working side of the blanket. These straps adjust the blanket tightness to any body shape and press buttons are not needed to close blanket : clients who may suffer from claustrophobia will appreciate strap closure which make it possible to free oneself without any assistance.

Technical data :

  • Dimensions : 1,54m x 1,70m
  • Maximum output. : 250 W
  • Voltage : 115V or 230V
  • standard colour : navy / silver & chocolate/toffee
  • Heating zones : 2