arms free 3-section FIR heated blanket

FREESLIM : arms free 3-section FIR heated blanket

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The Freeslim arms free 3-zone heat blanket offers 2 standard treatments and 1 custom treatment with 3 timed sequences and independent heat control for each of its 3 differernt zones (bust, pelvis and legs).

Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the bust section that fits perfectly human body contour, the Freeslim heated blanket in the only one in the wold in which client pay have arms outside the blanket and may read, get a buzz and so on, while benefiting from FIR benefits all over the body, shoulders included... Claustrophobic clients may even now decide to comfortably enjoy a wrapping.

The programs are designed like a cellular phone's pull down menu, and can be modified as often as desired.

Before starting treatment, the booster button allows to preheat the 3 zones within 10 minutes ; during the treatment, the booster button allows 25% over power at the bust and pelvic areas to trigger intense heating (the booster does not act on the leg area in order to accommodate persons with varicose veins).

The blanket is specially treated with Ultra-Fresh®, a powerful anti-microbic and antifungal agent which is integrated into the blanket itself ; Ultra-Fresh® repels fungoid growth and bacteria, thus preventing contamination and the risk of infection.

The Freelslim blanket includes :

1- a user friendly control box :

  • backlighting display in 7 languages
  • pull down menu (like a mobile phone)
  • programmable microprocessor (timing + intensity)
  • adjustable timer (treatment period + resting period )
  • end of each period indicated by a beep
  • booster (additional power: 25%)
  • may be placed on a trolley or wall mounted

2-  an ergonomic blanket :

  • 3-section heated blanket
  • front closing
  • shaped neck
  • working position either side
  • power booster reserve
  • Ultra-Fresh® treated
  • optional Extension

Twin colour ranges available : chocolate/toffee & navy blue/silver