Condensate drain band



  • Condensate draining
  • No condensation for electronic cases
  • Temperature maintenance for process heating

technical data

  • Maximum maintenance temperature (power ON) : +110 °C
  • Maximum exposure temperature (power OFF) : +150 °C
  • Standard linear output : 30 W/m (other power on request)
  • Standard voltage : 230 V (other voltage on request)
  • Standard lengths (multiple of 1 m) : from 1 m to 6 m


Has sinews enough to be pushed by itself in the outflowing pipe, without a guide.

Use precaution

  • The heating cable or cold lead must not be shortened
  • The heating cable must not touch any sharp edged parts
  • The heating cable must not cross or touch itself at any place
  • Reversing cycle use only