Drain bands



Designed to be used in condensate draining pipes, in negative cold rooms.
Available in 40W/m power, BS heating cords have a sole cold lead at one end.


  • Very flexible
  • Can heat continuously

technical data :

  • Wire                             Nickel Chromium / Nickel - Copper
  • Insulation                      Silicon rubber
  • Voltage                         230V
  • Output                          40 W/m
  • Cold tail                       1m
  • operating temperature    from -70 °C to +200 °C
  • Shape Flat                   5 x 7mm
  • End of cable                 Waterproof silicon moulding

Use precaution

  • The heating cable or cold lead must not be shortened
  • The heating cable must not touch any sharp edged parts
  • The heating cable must not cross or touch itself at any place
  • Min. bending radius : 25 mm
  • Do not use with a plastic draining pipe.