Must-warmer CHM070TI & CHM500TI

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In September or October, when crop of grapes is made while outside temperature is less than +12°C, alcoholic working which turns sugar into alcohol, cannot start ; one has to rise must temperature beyond +12°C by means of heating cords called " must-warmers " ; in February, when cellar temperature is too low, one has to warm again must in order to start malolactic working


There are 2 models of must-warmers :

  • 70W MUST-WARMER  : used mainly in butts from 200 to 250 l.
  • 500W MUST-WARMER : used in half hogsheads or tuns from 5 to 6 hl.

For instance, in a tun from 80 to 100 hl, you must use 6 x 500W Must-Warmers  (the more volume is huge, the less thermal losses are high).

Use precaution

Must-Warmer has to be entirely in the must, marks on cold leads included