575W, 55 gallon (200L) drum heater


575W, 55 gallon (200L) drum heater
575W, 55 gallon (200L) drum heater B0851900575FT

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The  55 gallon drum heater is designed to:

  • Freeze protection    
  • Warming up and temperature maintenance


The  55 gallon drum heater is a flexible and watertight heating panel coated with 2 plastic fabrics : an heating red face and an insulated blue face.
AAA-TELEC drum heater is built with stainless eyelets and elastic quick fastenings to keep the flexible heater close to the drum and to allow a perfect  heat  exchange.


  • Washable and watertight (IP54), can be used outside
  • Built-in thermostat : from +10°C to +70°C.
  • Homogeneous temperature (spreading effect of the alumunium foil)
  • Limited heat waste (fully insulated)
  • Fast setting with elastic fastenings
  • 2m length main supply cable
  • Electrical safety with earth lead
  • Can be used in food and cosmetics industries (stainless eyelets)

technical data

  • Output : 575 W
  • Voltage : 230 V
  • 3x1,5² main supply cable length : 2m
  • Built-in thermostat : from +10°C to +70°C.
  • Fastening : 3 elastic fastenings & stainless eyelets
  • Dimensions : 0.85 x1.90m
  • Heating face colour : red
  • Insulated face colour : blue
  • Protective degree : IP54
  • Max. maintenance t° (turned on) : +70°C
  • Max. exposure t° (turned off) : +80°C