Aluminium heating mat


Industry : To warm surfaces and volumes (freeze industry, electronics, automotive, antennas, tables...).
Household appliances : Heating elements for domestic equipments (refrigerators, freezers, plate-warmer, heating baskets...).


Flexibility of 3a heating cables, cutting up and forming of aluminium foils allow various shapes of heating mats.

technical data

  • Maximum maintenance temperature without insulation: +110 °C / +230°F
  • Maximum exposure temperature with insulation: +85 °C / +185°F
  • Supply voltage: up to 500 V
  • Maximum load: 2000 W /m2
  • Min. dimensions: 150mm
  • Max. dimensions: 2000mm


  • Self-adhesive face
  • Built-in heat protector
  • Earthing
  • Insulated face with 19mm rubber foam