Heating mat horticole


Heating mat horticole
Heating mat horticole NAP3A

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NAP3A is mainly used for plant cutting and propagation, as well in greenhouse shelves as in forcing beds ; square meter power is usually 150W/m² ( 300W/m² for geranium plant cutting and Mediterranean seed propagation such as melons, aubergines, gourds, and so on... ) and temperature has to be regulated through a thermostat of which sensor is placed on a level with cords, between two heating wires (keep one groove free of cable to place sensor ) ;  full watertightness makes possible “casseroling” ( greenhouses shelf or forcing bed covered with translucent polyethylene sheet ) to keep heat and water.


NAP3A is an heating mat made of tighteners and spacers which are fitted together to make up large surface network on which are laid down one or several heating cables. We advise to build a 20x20cm network.

homogeneous temperature + constant hygrometry = warranted success


  • NAP3A is laid easily, quickly and reliably.
  • Adapts itself to all the configurations (heating mat modular)
  • Possibility to reduce or increase the heating mat surface (According to needs)
  • Energy savings
  • Possibility to change the square meter power (150W/m² ou 300 W/m²) by simple space of heating cable
  • Simple and effective regulation(Bulb has to be set between 2 heating cables)
  • With regard to heating cables alone : heating cables, laid down spacers with almost constant and parallel distance, waste equable and smooth heat, and prevent from “hot points”

  • With regard to aluminium mats : spacers and tighteners  heighten growing trays and thus avoid stagnant water that makes roots rotten.


NAP3A is laid easily, quickly and reliably.

In order to limit heat losses downward, lay a sheet of insulating material down the bottom of the shelf.

Assembling of tighteners and spacers is realised by pressing female studs ( ♀ ) on male studs ( ♂ ) ; if necessary to adjust precisely, they can be cut with scissors or cutter.

Laying of heating cables is realised by pressing cables down in spacer grooves (laying each two grooves = 150W/m² - laying each groove = 300W/m²) ; great length of heating cable makes up a close heating network with homogeneous temperature. Electrical connections have to be set by a professional electrician.
After laying NAP3A in a greenhouse shelf, we advise to lay on a water absorber felt  in order to level working area and to make a water-reservoir that restricts frequency of spraying and dispels constant hygrometry.