1-section FIR table warmer

HEATPAD : 1-section FIR table warmer

our documentation
(PDF - 256 Kb)

applications :

The heating mattress Heatpad is a device destined to beauticians and kinesitherapers.

advantages :

For body treatment, the heating mattress Heatpad is laid down the treatment table in order to procure to the client comfort and welfare during a localized treatment.

For kinesitherapy, the heating mattress Heatpad brings to the patient heat in the unmassing side of the body and contributes to the muscles relaxing in such a way that it enhances the massage effects .

The table warmer is specially treated with Ultra-Fresh®, a powerful anti-microbic and antifungal agent which is integrated into the blanket itself ; Ultra-Fresh® repels fungoid growth and bacteria, thus preventing contamination and the risk of infection.

For enhanced safety and to avoid energy waste, the new Heatpad now benefits from electronic power control with automatic switch off after 4 hours of use. It can powered back on right away if needed.

technical data :

  • Dimensions : 0.60 X 1.58 m
  • dedicated folding area
  • Power : 45W & 90W
  • Voltage : 115V & 230V
  • 3 power positions:

                         green led: low power

                         orange led: medium power

                         red led: full power

                         led off: switched off