2-section FIR table warmer

HEATPAD+ : 2-section FIR table warmer

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Description :

Large size, 2 section Far Infra Red HeatPad+ table warmer : for full comfort, every of the 2 sections has 3 different temperature setting levels (or can be turned off).

applications :

The HeatPad+ table warmer is a device destined to beauticians for localized treatments, and to physiotherapists for massages.

advantages :

For body treatment, the HeatPad+ table warmer is laid down the treatment table in order to procure to the patient comfort and welfare during a localized treatment.

For massages, the HeatPad+ table warmer brings to the patient heat in the unmassing side of the body and contributes to the muscles relaxing in such a way that it enhances the massage effects .

The table warmer is specially treated with Ultra-Fresh®, a powerful anti-microbic and antifungal agent which is integrated into the blanket itself ; Ultra-Fresh® repels fungoid growth and bacteria, thus preventing contamination and the risk of infection.

technical data :


  • 2 sections :

                  - large section for back and thighs

                  - small section for legs

  • 3 temperature settings for every of the 2 sections
  • XL size : 0.59 X 1.80 m
  • dedicated folding area for junction between table and its back
  • 60' integrated temporisation for safety
  • Ultra-Fresh treatment (hospital care quality)
  • Standard twin colour : white/white & chocolate/toffe
  • Voltage : 115V & 230V